So now you have your pup, or maybe you have given an older one a new home?
Living with sams can be fun. Around England there are many events run by the breed clubs, which you can attend with the entire family and learn all about samoyeds. From there you may be interested in exploring this versatile and adventurous breed further. Maybe like me, you may take up showing, sledding or carting?

Here are a few ideas which can make life more fun for you and your samoyed
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Sams On The Internet
UK & Irish Champion Snowmyth Torak Of Skiandu (Kushti) and Syanaria Mystic Meg Of Skiandu (Megan) surfin the net
There are lots of sammy fans on the internet. Many of us have Web Sites such as this one and we also tend to chat a lot on mailing lists. If you wish to join us on one of these lists, then all you have to do is Click Here :)

John Moody's team (Novaskaya Samoyeds) from the USA
Sledding in the snow is a good way to excercise. When there is no snow about we use a "rig", a three wheel bike type of affair. Events are organised in woodlands all around the country

Riding are: Skiandu Melody angel and Skiandu Americ.In harness: Skiandu The Comet and Silvaglo Nickolette
Carting is another slower method of transport. Whilst not officially allowed on roads in the UK, it is acceptable in most other countries. Here in the UK we do carting displays and below is a picture of my pair Rebel and Tara with a couple of pups taking a ride. They normally give childrens rides and raise money for charity

Image courtesy of 'THE SAMOYED' published by Samoyed Association
Feeling energetic? Agility is a sport sams love to do! Show jumping for dogs, the event is fast becoming very popular in the UK. From beginners to experts this is the most fun. Whether you are watching or participating it matters not its fun for all

Fun Days
We are not sure where this pic came from, but we like it anyway :)
Samoyed Fun days. a wonderful day out for the whole family. Childrens handling, where the young ones can have a go at showing a dog. Fancy dress and sausage eating contests among other events make for a great way to treat your pet and help raise money for those not so fortunate and are in rescue centres around the country. These are often run by the breed clubs and include trouble shooting and various workshops to learn more about the care and training of sams

UK & Irish Champion Snowmyth Torak Of Skiandu (Kushti)
showing off some of his winnings
Dog Showing. From the exemption show or local club match to Crufts! We exhibitors/breeders all started here. Just as you are now, we had our first pet and got bitten by the show bug! For me it was a local pet show, I went and showed and loved it! Then I went to an open show. Now I take the caravan off for holidays to Ireland and show there, combining holidays with showing, and coupled with cheap site rentals! Also being with like minded people, having BBQ's, and country walks! A whole new world!

Spinning Sammy Fur
Image courtesy of 'THE SAMOYED' published by Samoyed Association
Did you know samoyed fur can be spun into wool? This is quite easy and if you are not up to it, many breeders have spinning wheels and will do the job for you. This is just another thing that Sammies can be useful for. The wool is supprisingly strong and keeps you very warm