The Samoyed is a very ancient breed. They are named after the Nomadic Samoyede tribes of Northern Russia who are now known as the Nenetski.

The Origins of the breed go back to the days of the Wolves, so it is probable this breed has remained unchanged for many thousands of years. They first wandered into the camps and stayed with the people and gradually developed a working relationship.

Over the centuries this relationship has forged a very close connection between the dog and the people they lived with. The males often helped with Guarding and herding of the reindeer, whilst the females and the pups stayed in the "Chooms" (The samoyede tribes mobile home) Keeping the childen warm and cosy. Part of their duties was to help move the Deer to market and sometimes helped pull sleds, though the reindeer were far suited to this task.

It was this close relationship which eventually led to the samoyed we know today. An intelligent herding dog with a devotion and love towards mankind second to none. They adore Families, people and children and families.

The samoyed was introduced into the UK at the turn of the Century. Scott of the Antartic Famed for his adventures was one of a number of adventurers seeking this new land. Many had tried Ponies and otehr means, but eventually it became obvious the Dogs as used by the Eskimos and northern tribes were ideal for the task of traversing such a wild hostile freezing land.

Amundson was one of these adventurers who had seen the samoyed at work. Not the fastest dogs but certainly steady and powerful, so he set out to get a team together. The survivors ended up in zoos around the world. One "ANTARCTIC BUCK" was found in Australian Zoo and came to England. Others came to the UK from the expeditions and stayed with the famous Kilburn Scotts and were the founding dogs to the KOBE Kennels.

The Samoyed Association was soon formed. Their breed record books go back to the first dogs ever imported and their famous Pedigree Books are well worth getting as they contain the pedigrees of every champion in the UK it also Includes those original first few dogs.

The Samoyed as a breed remains relatively unchanged from those early days. The only difference is the Black samoyed, Dark markings or any black markings is now not allowed. This is probably because the Pure ones from the North were white or white & biscuit, and any mixed colour, may be there because a Mixed breed came into the line along the way. who knows?